15 best books of summer 2022

Time to pack up the books and go on summer vacation. Or let’s be honest, curl up on the couch for some uninterrupted reading time. Here are the best books of summer 2022.

The best books of this summer

I’ve always wondered what a good summer read should be. I love a heavy, exciting doorstop just as much as a light, bubbly love story, so this list brings you the best of all kinds of books. If you’re in the mood for some academic banter, or rich British-Nigerian girls having fun, or cheaters who sweep the rug from under your feet, or amateur detectives on summer vacation, or literary gems to fill your reading journals, keep reading!

The best light literature in the summer of 2022

1. Cover story by Susan Ridgetti

Cover story is a great summer read featuring aspiring writer and Elle intern Laura Ritchie and enigmatic rich editor Cat Wolff. When Cat Wolf (also a powerful man’s daughter) takes newbie Laura Ritchie under her wing, the two girls form a strong friendship. Wolff directs Richie in Elle projects, ghostwriting and side hustles. I was in complete awe of this world of con artists, deluxe rooms at the Plaza Hotel, daddy-daughter issues, extravagant parties, cryptocurrencies and power imbalances. Very pleasant – if you were loved Inventing Anna on Netflix, this is one of the best books of summer 2022.

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2. Lore Olympus 2 by Rachel Smith

Ever since I came across Rachel Smith’s web movie about Greek gods living modern lives through social media, phones and dating apps, I’ve been obsessed. second volume of the year Lore Olympus is perfect for chilling out, talking about gods, romance, and anything else that will get you down.

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Rachel Smith Lore Olympus

3. Beth O’Leary no-shows

Beth O’Leary proves once again that she can write characters that steal into your heart. The Do not show is told through the POVs of three women who are set up by the same man on Valentine’s Day. Anything more would give away the plot; but you know that with every page you will invest more in this person’s story.

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Beth O'Leary's No Show

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4. Forgery by Kirstin Chen

Welcome to the world of fakes. Ava Vaughn’s college roommate, Vinny Phan, reconnects with her just as Wong’s life is falling apart. Forgery takes us on a journey through the Chinese markets of luxury goods, illegal business, high-end chapter stories, gangs and money.

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Fake by Kirstin Chen

5. Seven days in June by Tia Williams

A perfect blend of romance and lively characters. Be sure to pack a few more books for your vacation, because in a few hours you’ll be reliving this love story between fantasy writer Sean and vampire erotica writer Eva Mercy. Seven days in June is about anger, first loves, second chances at love, single mothers and smart teenagers. It’s funny (really), sensual, edgy, hot, and just the ultimate beach read.

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Seven Days in June by Tia Williams

6. Wahala by Nikki May

I really enjoyed this tight-knit group of friends, consisting of three high-class British and Nigerian women and a gorgeous fourth girl who causes trouble in paradise. Read on to find out if friends are crazy, shopping, gossip sessions, fun times, and most of all, women are into each other. Don’t sleep on this debut; Wahala is in the best books of summer 2022.

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Books of 2022: Nikki May Wahala

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The best books of summer 2022 with more bites

7. Disorientation by Elaine Hseih Chou

Disorientation is one of my favorite books of the year, not just one of the best books of summer 2022. It’s a witty satire about academics, people of color in literature departments, and race relations. It’s about white supremacy, fetishes against Asians and their culture, cultural and linguistic differences, barriers to finding one’s individuality, white saviors, fascists, and American academia’s expectations of a Taiwanese-American woman. It is filled with gray characters – the almost perfect friend who is a successful translator but does not know the language, the professor’s Asian wife who has to fake enthusiasm, activists who question popular beliefs but are also selfish for their own needs, academics. who makes up the facts. This novel had me laughing and re-reading passages, but at the end of it I just sat there wondering if something was going to change and when would that change come?

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Disorientation by Elaine Hseih Chou

8. Immortal King Rao by Vauhini Vara

Immortal King Rao is about many things—the rise of a Dalit CEO in an alternate America, a coconut grove in India, women as accessories to men’s success, the impact of data sharing and collective memory algorithms, the collapse of new worlds, the impact of artificial intelligence on the common man. This ambitious debut novel manages to connect human ambition with technological advancements – it made me think about a lot of things.

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Vauhini Copper Immortal King Rao

9. Vladimir by Julia May Jones

Vladimir The 2022 book has been popular for all the right reasons. I was completely in the grip of the brave, erudite narrator, a fifty-something literature professor whose husband is accused of being a sexual predator. I loved the mix of gender politics, power dynamics, academia and lust, the making Vladimir an edgy, witty novel that you can’t look away from.

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Vladimir, Julia May Jonas

10. A house between the Earth and the Moon by Rebecca Sherm

I couldn’t stop reading A house between the Earth and the Moon after turning the first page on the train; in fact, I kept reading the thick hardback when I had to wait to cross the road. This is a story set in the near future where famine and forest fires are common. A group of scientists isolated on a space station work on a superalgae that can reverse the effects of climate change. It is a story about scientific ethics, corporations and privatization, misuse of data, the impact of data on social structures such as homes, schools and personal space, algorithms that can predict human actions, families in a new world and much more. It’s a fascinating, slow burn that will keep you occupied for hours and also a little worried about the world we’re leaving for future generations.

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11. The things they lost By Okwiri Oduor

Attention fans of magical realism. The things they lost By Okwiri Oduor is the story of a girl with an absent mother who is raised by ghosts living in the attic of a crumbling mansion in a fictional Kenyan town. It’s a coming-of-age story about self-discovery, intergenerational trauma, mothers, ghosts, dreams, matriarchs and death. The personal narrative is intertwined with the historical in this hauntingly beautiful, magical story.

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12. Pure color by Sheila Heiti

It’s hard for me to put into words how Pure color I was moved by Sheila Haight, but I’ll give it a shot. Filled with beautiful paragraphs you’ll want to underline, Pure color is a literary marvel that explores creation as the first project of a higher power. It’s about life, and moments, and memories, and people going through grief, all of which make each day a wonderful experience. You can see some of my favorite pieces here here.

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Pure Color by Sheila Haight

The best books for children of the summer of 2022

13. Pati against uncle by Meera Ganapathi

Inju’s boring vacation with her grandmother at her retirement colony turns exciting when a thief goes on the run, stealing dishes and trays. The Uncles (The Underground Nightly Cooperative League of Elders) are good for nothing and are determined that only men are worthy of membership; so Inju and his grandmother must form a new detective team to solve the mystery. Read on to learn how to win against bullies and the foul-mouthed parrot.

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Paati Vs Uncle Meera Ganapathi book cover

14. Help! My Aai wants to eat me By Bijal Vachharajani

A fun book where Avi discovers that his mother might be a cannibal and wants to eat her. How does he protect himself in his house? This is probably the book that made me laugh the most this year.

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Help!  my aai wants to eat me

15. Amari and the brothers of the night by BB Alston

Amari believes her missing older brother will return one day. But things change when she receives a note that her brother has appointed her to the Bureau of Paranormal Investigation. She has to earn her keep as a junior agent, become roommates with a baby dragon, and hopefully find her brother. A fast-paced, action-packed adventure book about friendship, dark magic, fortune tellers, and selfish families.

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BB Alston Amari and the Night Brothers

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The best books of the summer of 2022

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