TutuApp Vip For iPad Pro, Mini & Air 4,3,2 Free Download

TutuApp allows free and easy access to a whole host of the latest  games and apps, all of which are kept up to date. In this tutorial, we will show you how to download TutuApp for iPad devices like iPad Pro, iPad Mini, iPad Air 4, 3, 2 device.

You can download TutuApp for iPad today if you follow below instructions carefully. If you get install TutuApp on iPad then you will catch up entertainment stuff on bigger screen. TutuApp has two versions one is TutuApp Vip and another is TutuApp Regular free.

So you need to choose either TutuApp Vip or TutuApp Free version to install on iPad. If you want TutuApp Vip version you need to pay $12.99 for year or you can go along with TutuApp regular free. Below you can found step by step guide to install TutuApp.


How To Install TutuApp For iPad Pro, Mini & Air 4, 3, 2 Devices

Firstly, you need to make sure that your iPad device is compatible with TutuApp iPad version file. let’s follow step by step guide to install TutuApp on iPad devices.

Step 1: Check whether or not you have compatible iPad go to Settings >> General >> About

Step 2: Open Safari browser on the iPad device. Please do not use any other browser for the TutuApp installation purpose as it may cause problems

Step 3: Click on below link to download TutuApp for iPad devices like iPhone and iPad

TutuApp For iPad

Step 4: Now you will see two options on header menu – Vip and Regular Free versions. Tap on Vip if you want premium version otherwise go along with Regular Free version to install TutuApp on iPad device


Step 5: Then it will ask you to press the download button to get TutuApp. Click on download button and wait few seconds


Step 6: Tap  install on the confirmation pop up that appears asking whether or not you wish to install TutuApp


Step 7: The installation process will begin and you can come back to the iOS home screen. Wait for a while to complete the installation of TutuApp so that you can access TutuApp.


Step 8: Now you will not able to run the app due to ‘Untrusted Enterprise Developer’ error will keep popping up. To resolve it you need to trust the certificate of TutuApp.

Step 9: If you have installed TutuApp for iOS 10.3.3 you need to trust the profile. Follow steps: go to Settings > General > Profile & Device Management. Look for the certificate for TutuApp and tap on the Trust button

Step 10: Now you will able to run TutuApp on iOS device without any problems

That’s it now! Here we have provided steps to install TutuApp for iPad devices. If you face any trouble while installing TutuApp leave a comment and please do share this post with your friends on social media.

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Note & Conclusion: TutuAppApk.Vip doesn’t endorse the TutuApp nor we are affiliated with the App in any form. The above trick was for informational purpose only.

TuTuApp VIP Free Download For iOS, iPhone & Android Devices

TuTuApp VIP for iOS and Android devices is so simple if you follow tutorial. In this tutorial, we will show you how to download TuTuApp VIP on iPhone and Android. If you get TuTuApp VIP version then you can get premium access to TuTuApp store.

It is designed to give us free access to our favorite games and apps. Even you can use TuTuApp for iOS without the need to jailbreak the iOS device. TuTuApp iOS download can be work on both jailbroken and non-jailbroken devices.

You need to pay $12.99 per year to use TuTuApp Vip version via Paypal or Payment wall. If you want to know about TuTuApp premium you need to check other similar apps like TuTuApp

TuTuApp Vip Free For iOS, iPhone & Android Devices

Nowadays downloading apps for free is something crazy we all do. Well, it is not official to do. So be a concern and move with this guide to install TuTuApp.VIP on iOS and Android devices.

At below we have given instructions to install TuTu Helper Free App premium version on iOS, iPhone and iPad devices. I can promise you that it is a most trustworthy app to download paid apps.

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Best Way To Install TuTuApp VIP On iOS, iPhone & Android

Just go through given steps to get install TuTuApp premium version app store. if you need assistance to install TuTu Vip App on device leave a comment.

  • Download the TuTuApp free on your device.
  • Check this link to install the app – TuTuApp
  • Log in or Sign up into the installed app.
  • In your profile, you will find your UID. Click on  VIP


  • Click on Become a Vip Member


  • Choose one payment method Paypal or Paymentwall and click on confirm payment $12.99

Above we have given instructions to download and install TuTuApp Vip on iOS and iPhone. If you install TuTuApp VIP version then you can access every bit of TuTuApp app store.


TuTuApp APK V3.1.5 Download For Android Devices

Are you looking for TuTuApp APK for Android mobiles, Windows PC, Android tablets to install paid games and apps? We have a detailed tutorial about TuTuApp APK for Android devices. TuTuApp APK has great features to explore it on Android devices.

You can download TuTuApp APK for Android easily if you follow instructions carefully. You need to get the latest TuTuApp APK V 2.2.52 file from this website. Best TuTuApp APK alternatives are Emus4u APK for Android will not be available for download officially.

So, follow given a tutorial to download and install official TuTuApp APK file from TuTuApp.Vip website. To get install TuTuApp for Android using TuTuApp APK updated and official APK file.

TuTuApp APK Latest Version 3.1.5 Download For Android

Once you get install TuTuApp APK file on your device you have every right to access TuTuApp Store to install your desired apps without pay single penny to anyone. TuTuApp doesn’t require any sing up or login details to download premium apps.

TuTuApp APK Download

Name of the Application: TuTuApp APK

Operating System: Android

Required Android Version:  4.0.3 and up

License: Free

Size of the File: 23.5MB

Current Version: 3.1.5

Developer: TuTuApp Inc

Follow step by step guide to Download TuTuApp free APK on Android devices like Android Mobiles and Tablets like Samsung, HTC, Blackberry, Sony, Vivo, Oppo, Lenovo, Micromax, Motorola, Redmi etc.


Steps To Install TuTuApp APK On Android Devices

In this tutorial, we will show you how to download TuTuApp APK on Android devices. To get install TuTuApp APK on Android you need to have APK file.

Step 1: To allow third-party apps you need to turn on Unknown Source of device

step 2: To Enable unknown source go to Settings >> Security >> Tap on Unknown Source


Step 3: Download the TuTuApp APK latest version file from the above-given link

Step 4: Just double tap on TuTuApp Download Android APK file then it will show you Next button. Click it.


Step 5: Now it will ask you to press the install button so you need to tap on the install button


Step 6: The installation process starts within a few seconds. wait for a while to complete install


Step 7: You have installed TuTuApp APK latest version for Android devices perfectly

Step 8: Now you can access and install all your favorite paid apps for free on Android device

If you face any trouble while installing TuTu Apk App Android and iOS devices leave a comment below. Please do share this post with your friends on social media like Facebook and Twitter.