Chinese Copycat Bugatti Chiron cheaper than Maruti Alto

Chinese companies are known for dealing directly with most products. This Chinese Bugatti Chiron Copycat costs less than the Alto.

China’s automotive industry has become one of the largest automotive markets in the world. Along with the latest cars, there are also direct copies of many vehicles in the country. There have also been several lawsuits. However, the cost of these copies is significantly lower than the original model. For example, a new Bugatti Chiron Copycat has been launched in China. The new vehicle is called the P8. In terms of price, it is cheaper than Maruti Alto. Let’s take a closer look Chinese Copycat Bugatti Chiron.

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The Chinese copy version of the Bugatti Chiron

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Shandong Qilu Fengde The P8 is manufactured by Shandong Qilu Fengde (located in Shandong Province, China). It looks a lot like the Bugatti Chiron. It even uses the same two color scheme. The new car is available in black and red or black and white. However, the Chinese company could not replicate the Bugatti W16 gasoline engine with four turbochargers. Due to the country’s strict anti-pollution laws, the big 8-liter engine (power 1500 hp, top speed 420 km/h) is bound to collect heavy taxes.

Instead, the Chinese Chiron uses an electric powertrain. It is powered by a 72 V lead-acid battery. You can fully charge the vehicle (using a 220 V charging system) in about 10 hours. The electric motor produces 3.35 hp. The small car is an LSEV or Low Speed ​​Electric Vehicle. You can drive without a license. Although legally an EV can only travel at a top speed of 50 km/h, it can reach 65 km/h. It offers a respectable range of 150 km on a single charge.

Chinese Bugatti Chiron Copycat costs less than Maruti Alto

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Inside, the company has added a 7-inch touchscreen infotainment system (which plays MP5 video), a digital instrument cluster and red carpet. The Shandong Qilu Fengde P8 also comes with a decent trunk. Unlike the Chiron, the P8 comes with a rear seat. However, it can only be practically used for storage. Additionally, the company has added a large red kill switch on the center console. Chinese law requires an emergency shutdown switch for LSEVs. Overall, the Shandong Qilu Fengde P8 seems like a decent car and costs less than the Maruti Alto.

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