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How To Ace Your Phone Interview

hey everyone before we start a big thank you to everyone for your love and support it’s been really meaningful to me over these past few months ah let me ask you a question have you ever been in an interview that you were really really excited about it only to have it just not work out well I have and one time I interviewed at Adobe and I was in the interview and I for some reason started arguing with the interviewer about what flat design really is and and I walked away thinking I think I nailed it I think I made some valid points I did not nail it I did not nail it today I’m going to share with you a talk that I gave to the Berkeley design students and it’s about my journey my adventures in interviewing specifically the things that I learned while I was interviewing at Google and I think that these things will be valuable to you these these principles and tips will be helpful to you on your own professional journey so please enjoy better and amazing than the day doctor long time ago I thought is like use an image of a billboard or something so that’s what I’m making the income to help me make some in the foot think about it and the changes and then shows my buddy in that big haunted either yeah goodbye ji over to Google interactions nighttime surgery and then by night I do like like teaching and publishing so I have that YouTube channel to deafness where it’s easy to describe a toad and then you have a long beard and that’s where the world of the other comes from I have our podcast with my best friend coldly I just have enough he’s a designer as well and heart of actually speaking of me a lap dance a major enough and flossing is know that I write every region since ten months what

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I’m going through I’m thinking how come grew it house with people who resist in that so so part of the journey that I have that you know making these videos a kind of compounds or educational language tutorial but sometimes they’re like very personal to broaden something I happen to walk the process of getting a job at Google is a very long and tiresome process kind of like me right in the middle of it like I don’t know how this is going guys like it was a very dangerous thing for me to do this publicly because like what is you know everybody like I designed now these bigger genera but let pass didn’t actually got the job it was a really exciting thing and so now I’ll be sitting at my desk and pretending that I’m good as I as somebody who I am like hey I’ve hired videos and they helped me get here too and was extensively fulfilling to meet somebody in the place that I was neat and it’s all part of helping them to achieve really great feeling to help each other share information stuff like that so what I want to do is kind of talk about the interview process maybe me if there’s something that I can help you guys get and you know when that time comes for you help you understand like meet with what work and what I learned going through the process to Google so a little bit of information about interviewing like every something is different course and like I didn’t come to start a track or Google and that was more like hey let’s go you have a drink and are you cool cool you’re hired it was like nothing but this is more like organizational process and Bloomie’s it’s moving in advance like power lighting structures of wisdom and stuff like that so this is how like what I learned so here’s how much of the linear process that I’ve had mapped out so initially there’s gonna be some type of contact name is a recruiter contact you maybe you submit a resume or what happens if there’s no contact is made and shortly after that they’ll want to keep them work and so they and a few lanes and you don’t like you know whatever you’ve got and it is good enough then you get into this section where they start actually talking to you and the pub interview who in then like if your real business design challenge it gives you the thing like you know you got two days to complete a stone and essentially one day and half has bigger problems than ones we know the next six our certainty is done in Turnitin so that’s what that means is that there’s a green website if they liked it and then after is negotiated like how do I fit into this organization who’s we my master and prophet there’s the really interesting inflection point in this journey where they stop trying to weed you out and they start trying to help you man and that’s kind of for me it was right around there so you know to move it so I guess what it understand I’m saying if you do appreciate little but accompany go through to get you hired it’s actually a very expensive process not only in terms of money but in terms of in terms of time in terms of attention and they kind of think through this up quite long and hard was like committee I mean make sure you the right person and all this and so how much time and energy and money goes into that you quick service relay how much does a recruiter make is though sometimes depending on the situation between the percentage or any income activity okay so this is an expense that a company has the paper to get you to come work for that and like ever I would you know their client contributors created were like we want to do this when the listening situation should happen but it’s actually a long expensive product so there’s this point where the company has kind of like decided okay we’re not trying to get rid of it as fast as possible just like this resume off my deck I want to invest time into this person make sure there’s a right of it and help them on right and that’s kind of like right after the design challenge for me anyway that flexibility so I thought in talking with you I did point to one of the most critical moments that happen before that inflection point and kind of give you a little bit of hit for that and for me that was over the phone energy because as I challenge you guys recommends the vine because you know I’m pretending they’re speaking to people and kind of like figuring out in the moment right it is most necklace part of a flipping because you have to get on the phone with someone you’ve never met before and in like 10 seconds figure out who they are what they’re all about these their language help them identify with you and sell yourself if you like raising part and I actually recorded my phone conversations and it hit laughs so the buzzer that time from from this like accordion which Hackman wanted to know about what I went through so to give you a few points the first thing is the quality of the actual phone call is like pretty tactical stuff you’re not gonna come out of this like learning you know the Golden Age I’m telling you real anything up though it’s all quality of your phone call matters oh right can you imagine try to be on this is a really pretty but I recommended to my friends who each other I had an intimate regarding the whole time and the feedback I got like yeah it was really cool but we’re arguing the other room and people like so like to get like not only take care of make sure your phone is charged make sure you have good reception but make sure I know if your neighbors are loud or the baby’s crying or whatever let’s get yourself in a good spot so weird not only is the phone call not distracting but where you are mentally in the game right and here’s a pro tip make sure there’s nobody to stop the William all right second bit is to read the Job Description okay this is funny this may sound very very elementary got to listen there is some some heavy in it stuff inside of the description they’re telling you what they want right it is like the road map to the successful interview read the descriptions what is I meant that one description and I rewrote it in my own language I wanted to internalize how they thought but it would come out naturally in my own speech looking for key words looking for ideas to kind of like you need to demonstrate that you’re on the same wavelength with them that you’re the thing that they’re looking for right within say a job description and also take a look like if the company has a yeah what are those things called a mission statement or values go in there and learn to you know eat that that company language and you go in there and you think you have to leave [Music] a third one no third one is have a strong personal statement okay realizing that is people speak to hundreds of people just like you what differentiate yourself from them is actually who you are and you’re going to get this posture right let you sit down and interview maybe if the phone call which one hey tell me about yourself are you prepared to answer that question right now I would recommend writing it out longhand memorizing that is there should be a script when you need somebody to play by yourself with your story you prove you got it you know exactly who you are you know what your values are and what your goals are and you can articulate them quickly distinctly and clearly that’s so impressive and what you need to be doing is making sure that as you walk away from that energy that the person who’s on the other side of the feather table has a very clear understanding of who you are and what makes difference okay anyhow some methods big failure on your part last one because have your questions ready doesn’t you notice are always towards the end of a go any other questions right if your leg um what’s your vacation so we’re losing him like those like the wrong question to think about so yeah you’re going to get all your questions answered over time you may even start to John not having all the naturalist eventually the longer that’s right so the idea here is not to discover the idea here is to impress so how can you turn this opportunity of gaining information actually into a way of impressing the energy order you could ask them something that would relate relate themselves back to you how has company helps you achieve your goals right what you want to do is give them an opportunity to brag you want to give them an opportunity to talk about themselves and bring up looks really great feeling you want to connect those good feelings to yourself right there’s that Association that you’re building there and they hang up the phone and then come on get it on the best thing you can do on a day July clip them talk and they’ll have all these great students that people love talking about things up and so they hang this on close it at all I also dream proceeded to a few minutes right okay so this weekend problem so nervous about this happened once talked about texting days and our luxury edit OB max as well and I had the opportunity to meet my call to my heroes and the people that I look up to an inspired inspired by it and so is I mean it’s really a haha [Music] [Music] the great rhythm of the here and keep focusing on the weird side project appeared like ideas you have for things because those tend to start not holding into other projects and things you really just want to do so I’m problem all your guts and appeared bracelet beard side national Robert generate the third I’m an illustrator educator self will play inspector art line so device why because I know y’all scared right I look scared right head need to be scared right you need to be number one learn as much you possibly can to be prepared to move with the wind and three apply what have you learned or whatever you’re currently doing and finally don’t think that things are separate everything is linked to connect it together just like we are now do it my name is Sarah DG I am a adobe creative president also a user and love all things internet and something that I have learned that is applicable to I think all you know school creative projects in general is when in doubt keep creating you never know what the next video with an executor you take what’s in the chronic we do is going to be your big breakthrough so whenever you’re doubting yourself any Fastenal eyes just keep creating keep making that video you just don’t want to you never know is that next thing is going to be your breakfast yeah my name’s my chromosomes I’m an illustrator and spider at chop hi [Music] advice is don’t be intimidated by how big the design community cancer it’s actually pretty quality ones kind of friends bedroom pretty quickly and you’ll probably be friends with everyone pretty quick thank you my name is Jay Lewis I’m a creative director and founder of nine o’clock my biggest advice for creative trying to get the industry is to continue to document everything she needs a document all your work you do so that people that are looking to hire you can actually find your work say was I know Mary Jane strap 143 years old a graphic designer how will you youngsters little animals enjoy your lives enjoy your youth and don’t be a too eager to go out and with every job learn to love graphic design first don’t ever sit up there so you’ll figure it out but love it playlists are just up your buddy just will help throw that stuff that’s serious stuff look at their feelings for you oh yeah yeah what’s up a studio we get the light the throwing and throwing in a better I don’t want to like be in the situation where like hey guys but and I have around me I want the lighting to be good you know

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