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React JS for prototyping

in this video we are going to talk about why we are using react js4 a high fidelity prototype and why we think that is a good idea and you’re watching with guest po mpj and david so we’re gonna make the case for react in six points it’s an industry standard it’s growth it’s backed by Facebook and it has a native components you can build apps first industry standard react has reached a point where it’s arguably an industry standard is it larger than Java or what do you mean by industry standard I mean it’s okay so I would say if I compare this in designer terms I would say that angular is the industry it’s the current industry standard for building building web application single page web could you say that angular is like Adobe Photoshop yeah and react this like sketch yes awesome growing it’s growing yeah so that that comes back to the Photoshop versus versus versus sketch analogy because you want to be using an industry standard that is actually trending upwards and growing to becoming the dominant industry standard as well and react is definitely the strongest contender in that that area the third thing that speaks for react is that it has a ludicrously strong ecosystem because it has it has had a strong position for many years now and it has been growing for many years and there is a lot of components and documentation and forums and learning resources around react yes so what do you mean by ecosystem is that if I need something I need help with something this probably someone that has built it already and I can just drag it in and put it in like to my app yeah precisely if there is some quirk or weird thing with react yes that is going to be really well-known in the community and you’re going to find our solution solutions on the internet on how to work around it it’s backed by Facebook yes Facebook yes it is it is it was built internally at Facebook and used inside of Facebook for I don’t know many years but a long time before it was launched and why is this good it’s good because I really want to be using tools that a company has been dogfooding themselves for for a long time I think that angular is sort of used by Google but it’s not like they don’t use it in a ton of their stuff it’s it’s very telling that a new product like inbox for instance was not built with angular or angular 2 but while Facebook is using their stuff using react for their stuff very extensively what do you mean by small yeah it’s I mean I it’s small in size which is nice in a web application you don’t want to deliver this huge libraries to declined every time but the thing I want to focus on is that it’s it’s small on a conceptual level so there are lots of tools available like like angular for instance which is a very elaborate framework for building a huge-ass real application it has routing it has database layers it has networking capabilities a lot of stuff and so there’s a lot of stuff to learn and manage react on the other hand is very very firmly just this little view layer it’s it’s just there to render the view and it’s not concerned with any of those other things which is very nice because you can learn react very fast and get going very fast and there’s not a lot of moving components it also has react native so you can build a native app out of your web app is that right soda it’s it’s a No you can if you build a web application you can reuse the core logic of your component and put that in a native app and render native iOS components using the Arak reactor odjick are you still writing it as like HTML ish with it yeah if they have done a they’ve created a flexbox implementation basically for Android and iOS because I don’t if you have ever worked with iOS and Android they have these very special layout components which are not bad but it’s extremely annoying to keep that layout and the web layout and the iOS layout in your head at the same time but the gist of it is that you can build native apps with react not embedded web views that kind of sort of feel like in native components you are actually using the native components so if I learn react I have all the tools I need to build either a web app or an iOS app or an Android app it’s that is very close to the truth and those are our reasons for picking react Jay asks for this this project and in the next video we will start sketching out the components I’m gonna put that over my head here so it’s gonna be a lot of drawing and we’re going to give you the first sense of the actual application that we’ll be building awesome yes [Music]

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