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Best “Web” Development Content

welcome in this episode we’re gonna show you our top web dev resources from 2018 our favorites the best the ones you didn’t know you have you should have heard of but that you didn’t hear of I’m David and this is also with npj this is a weekly web development show that comes out on Fridays at oh wait hundred GMT figure out your own time zone it’s a show where we experiment with code and web development mostly fail but always learn something doing it in this particular episode we’re gonna show you others that do similar things you’re watching DEP tips this episode is sponsored by brilliant org thank you brilliant if you have never studied actual computer science and code at like a university or in a formal sense hearing the terms neural network and algorithms perhaps can be pretty daunting do not worry a good place to start learning the theory and logic behind coding is brilliant at org they have fun and interactive courses that takes you through the theory and algorithms and neural networks and everything that you can use in code and explain how it works and why it works each course is interactive and breaks up everything into manageable chunks so you can understand each and every individual piece by itself and then once you finalize each course everything comes together and you will be wiser and understand the theory and logic and everything about what we’re actually doing now let’s get back to the show thank you brilliant ok so

Tham khao 5 dieu can luu y truoc khi lap dat san go cong nghiep 

I can start yeah let’s just hit a browser we’re going with Firefox because since edge is going away if you haven’t heard Microsoft is kicking out edge and going with chromium and chrome so we have to support the one bastion of free will and hope I don’t know if we mostly likes a good organization they are I think they might as they are great we will be using Firefox so I’m gonna my recommendations is syntax FM no syntax FM I don’t even know how to find them syntax dot F M didn’t I write that H could not be found deploy this is really girl you’re failing yes you’re failing at navigating to the Earl no I think there Earl is fail Oh delivering there oh okay shout out to West boss and Scott Olinsky supreme web developers that have a podcast called syntax FM let’s just find syntax FM iTunes because their site is not working currently sorry about that Western Scott I love your podcast and I really recommend it because for me it’s like I like working with videos and learning but I also like listening about web development while I’m doing other things like I don’t know cooking working out taking walks and I love this podcast about web development and they have okay iTunes can you please fix a better interface I just want to see it is dreadful if you use their website when things up and running again you could actually watch each episode and see they have time codes for everything so you can just like navigate and just find and get on it quick overview is this episode important something that I that frustrates me with many podcasts that just have like a basic description they have an actual description that gives some stuff have you listened to it mattias syntax


FM I don’t listen to podcasts really like the only podcast I listen to is freakonomics which is the podcast that I do recommend like extremely highly it’s like blows your mind on a regular basis and I read it like that I like how the second recommend is top web development resource of 2018 is behavioral economics podcast oh really what it’s this was your first Rick Knoll yeah yeah yeah okay sorry I thought this is Mike ID as a web resource why oh I forgot to share or I can’t see it at least okay sir so sometime say yeah yes there something do you see it now yes okay oh so then you did not see syntax FM yeah but I know what I know I know what it is yes but this is their website oh they have a very neat website but something happened with their deployment what does it say here oh is it site No all right see you soon oh yeah I don’t know what happened it probably works when this goes out it’s awesome for the people that don’t know is a behavioral economics podcast sword of it’s about how they they call it the hidden side of everything so they explore things that are not necessarily what you’d think so I don’t know just randomly scroll along a little here and see if we can find so can you give me one episode set so I didn’t do this for syntax that fan but can you give me one episode that is the episode that I think that alike oh my yes it’s like all of them are good just scroll down here for instance it’s the Protestant word yes this every web developer needs to hear yeah this for instance is just amazing they just find like they find studies that figure out how much religion matters for financial success and also what kind of religion which is amazing like I’m a super atheist so this is extremely provocative for me but it turns out that people that are Protestant make more money than people who didn’t are not religious and they also make more money than Catholics simply because they seem to work more and this seems also correlated with the fact that the Protestant work ethic percent theory about work is that sort of how that the way that God gives and provides to the masses is through the labor of people so whenever you are like if you’re a baker or or someone transporting water or whatever you were doing God’s work and so they they kind of made the whole thing of working into into a holy thing like what you’re doing has a higher purpose even if you don’t see it and that’s a that that made people and you know also just work more and be better at work which is super interesting I told my sister the other day just like I just explained her to her she’s 18 and ice plain to her about the difference between being effective and being efficient and what is that effect efficient is so efficient disorder like that you can like chop for like I don’t know chop 50 potatoes in 1 minute then you’re very very efficient but effective is more like how many potatoes do you need for this to like do you even need to chop it exactly like just figuring out the one thing that is important and so perhaps you can be like very effective by not doing myself and I like that whole concept and Protestant what you’re telling me a hot pot doesn’t seem to be more like it’s better to work more than to work right I don’t know it I guess ok I’m already proven I guess that yeah I guess that there is no difference in effectiveness between Catholics atheists and and Protestants but persons are more efficient I like how so we before shooting we said that we that I said I had lost every focus of everything that I’m sowing out for crispy holidays and at this episode after like I don’t know one minute already got okay and I don’t mind but I mean let’s have a feature break already huh but I’m gonna have some a uterus have some water so I’ll just I need a bottle opener so for the people that don’t know what universe is which are people from not Sweden but everyone in Sweden knows what this is like it’s a beverage that is sorta kinda similar to Coca Cola it’s a black sugary liquid that’s not like a mix between coca-cola except I think it’s kind of like root beer as the much similar thing that I know yeah but less sweet yeah even though it’s and coca-cola has a huge problem with this in Sweden because our sales hang like a rock every thumb this rolls out into the market around Christmas time yeah so have you seen that actually a lot of Swedish influencers now are doing work with uh now during the Christmas you you and Mozart sing your way of to support their game and work with influencers or their [Laughter] hashtag not sponsored I like my computer is a mess I can’t find anything I had a list somewhere of things did I put it in notion I think we should plug Pulu it’s honest yes like because he’s amazing okay Paul Lewis YouTube yep right yeah Beethoven piano concert it’s another yeah Paul Lewis this is why I don’t use my name Mattias you once on it’s like the most common name in Sweden it’s a name it’s the worst name ever like my parents did not think about domain and uniqueness when they picked my name that is why fun fun function exists or why I’m call MPA well there was web yeah there we go oh your channel let’s do this here’s his own channel so Paul Lewis is someone that I a new program is for like I was any famous in development he he has had during that time like amazing talks about web performance and right now he just a few months ago he started his dedicated YouTube channel and he has been doing a lot of web relations for their google chrome developer teams and I’m I’m so happy that he’s doing this on his own instead because it’s so much more you to be and yeah and his videos are very well produced like overly more better produced and my audios depends on the video I’m saying depending on how you see some of our videos are really well produced like he spends a lot of time on them more time than I’m willing to spend of my videos nowadays because I didn’t die but he is still in that face where he doesn’t realize that if he is going at this pace he will die or maybe he’s okay like I know that he is like super productive he is he’s doing like studies as well as a full-time job and he has a family it’s just remarkable what this man gets done some people who just hate I I do hate him but I also love him like it’s it’s it’s that kind of relationship but he’s amazing so why should I watch him what what do I get out of watch it’s like you learned a ton of interesting web development things like when he was on fun for function he taught me web components right just random stuff like that CSS he does a lot of if you like animation you should really watch Paul Lewis he does a lot of yeah I like this Christmas one this one where yeah let’s just spoiler alert we see the snow soon yeah get it yeah okay so I’m gonna make a recommendation that you gave me it’s tweet TV ah new yes yes you know up cat how do you pronounce it I think so she’s feeling like hardwired stuff I don’t know I just hi it just is such a nice hangout to just hang out on the stream I love this stream we get a bigger oh there is here so it’s just like a very very nice like I just like the community style it’s just a nice discussion she’s programming explaining the stream is there and helping her out yeah yeah yeah I feel like learning simple hardware program here with Arduinos and and stuff like that she is yes it’s like amazing or it’s not really a channel for learning it’s more like just hanging out and being inspired to do things all right so let’s talk about actually like just keep talking about people that I’ve done collabs with I I was gonna pull out that’s just across from Oh as in other videos coding trained coding trained the coding trained on YouTube let’s just do your video then because sure guest fun fun train with mpj from Phantom Zone Daniel Shipman is a professor at NYU he is he does these stream in streams programming videos like it varies quite a bit in content but a lot of it is machine learning that is probably the ones that are the ones that drew me to him one the first machine learning video I did was based on some of his stuff he has to figure out like what is a neural network he has this interesting style he’s kind of messy you know it’s a he doesn’t a lot of errors and McGee’s like hacking things goes to the shortest possible path doesn’t pre-announce streams it’s like it’s very joyful like it’s very like yes person that makes you very happy he did a video on what’s he called flocking you know when you have like a flock of birds it’s called something like a blob or bill there’s a flocking loose one of the latest videos yeah Boyd’s Boyd’s what’s the word I was looking for and instead using processing which I like I use processing in the java version like many years ago when he’s using the javascript version of processing and it’s very easy to get set up and like especially for animations and simulation like physics simulation I love it and I like his whole setup with the guy yes it’s lovely little thing where he he has a white board like us on a secondary camera so sometimes he just presses like a button switch the camera and he walks over to see the white board and this was so nice when I know the collaboration with him I really want I want that set up in our next studio by the way I’m moving to Stockholm and I will be like co-located with David and it’s gonna be amazing we’re finally gonna be able to go forward to and when yes it was so cool to just stand up and code and being able to walk back and forth to the whiteboard and stuff language like the the amount of energy that that adds is just remarkable all coding should be done standing and talking like because there’s so much more that it’s like doing some kind of drug or something it’s just your brain is cold and you mentioned that someone taught you I don’t know machine learning so I’ll go oh gosh so if you’re interested in machine learning like speaking of like I don’t know someone that is inspiring and everything he has a lot of fun things it’s like making it like that small short music video small sketches and talking about machine learning and like machine learning is like it’s very very it’s a lot of like science and math and he’s going through it very fast so his videos is like 17 minutes long and he’s just skipping a bunch of steps and you have to often watch your video several times to understand what his examples are really about like when he’s doing code but it’s fun and he has like he always has I don’t know a companion code and resources linked everything is it’s not easy I get like that no I okay wrong word it’s accessible to like deeper so here’s like hashlib sha-256 okay perhaps on hash is pretty straightforward but yeah like I I don’t know this is not web development now just like it’s Christmas yeah like I think that this is actually our picks top five picks for top top top ratings for web developer I don’t know whatever we bought what we get inspired by yeah that’s the what we’re doing here while we are doing like completely random things that are not web development related I don’t want to talk about it by Terrence rial yeah that’s the one it’s a book about like hidden male depression so you know about the statistic that men are twice as likely to commit suicide as women are yeah and the men are also like much more likely to be alcoholics and at the same time women have like are more likely to have neuroses and like basically seek care for psychic illnesses if you put these these statistics close together it it lines up almost almost perfectly which is super interesting so you know you have probably also heard that women live longer than men that’s that piece of statistic and I’ve always thought for my higher life that this was biological and it turns out they’re like if you can eliminate all biological reasons statistically and it turns out that this varies wildly became between cultures and and countries so this is all behavior related turns out that men just simply take less care of themselves they do more real is it because they like work more don’t have a social life in a high ORAC starts and don’t care what their family perhaps also more less tangible things like they just face more risky situations and things like men wait longer to get health care medical care oh yeah yeah that’s so typical that’s so like my my dad it’s like oh I don’t want to go to the doctor this is sort yourself out for notice because like yeah exactly and it’s like it’s this this thing like as a man you like you’re tall to kind of like yeah yes toughen it out and this is like like so prevalent that men wait longer to seek treatment for cancer so you’re like this is this is so stuck in your head that that yeah like you die I could probably cut that just toughen out this tumor and like there’s just a mind-boggling amount of stuff like this and in the book how basically a lot of men just sit around being depressed and don’t even know that it’s depression that they are suffering from so they don’t seek care for it which eventually kills people of course because depression is a deadly disease if you if you don’t treat it so yeah it’s it’s just absolutely remarkable and I recommend it to every single man to read and and women to but primarily men it’s it’s just fantastic it will change your outlook on life tremendously switching gears to other more development related things but not web development is this channel thin matrix have you seen it so this is this guy that’s built a game that it’s so it’s been like he’s been doing this for a couple of years and he has like a vlog where he were you following him along so this is he’s moving to Sweden and he’s building a game that he wants to publish on Steam and it’s just like it’s very vlogging you don’t see that much code but you sort of like get the idea of what is building so this is like this simulation game where you have like animals and plants and they are growing it’s sort of like a sim The Sims game but cute and flowers and stuff like a simulation it’s really really nice so he’s been building this and now it’s just gotten released on Steam and it seems to have gone well so that’s fun and I don’t know it’s just like you follow this indie game developers life basically and it’s a lot of this just like you know I’m checking in here I did this this day that I did I’m gonna go out for a walk it’s just all so like so like noob cat it’s so like nice and chill and does he stay I don’t think so I have not I have not looked unto the street on commercial of streams ya know I don’t so it’s like a day in the life of a indie game developer that is sort of like knowing it us do you know what we should talk about visual studio code live share no I think that is one of the most interesting products of 2018 by far and like we use it all the time in the videos but we don’t really show how it works yeah so if you’re in a project you can go down here to live share and when you click that you have to sort of sign in and those do stuff so that’s just sign in here I’m ready to collaborate and then I will get a link that I can copy and send it to my friend yeah I do that now chat as as a link and I click the link all right so now you’re watching like my environment here this is what I did with Daniel Schiffman and hmm so these are not my fine this is not my files these are your files it’s your directory called fun fun yeah I’m and I think what I’m your you now is that I can just I can let’s see live share I can do you like share share terminal and I can give you read right axis so then it pops up a certain terminal I can’t think that you can run the server now so you just do NPM start and this is a create react app I think cool so this is your owning so I Emily now like ice machine the web server popped up on my machine so you can’t see it but what I can do oh is that I can also go and just run the come on here for oh thank you forget I guess your live share and I also say share server and I type port what port was it its port 3000 and now you can go to localhost 3000 on your machine yeah localhost 3000 now you see you like the project on my machine for my machine this is it is so so well built I like this like just the fact that when I select things in it and yo because where are you you’re in the render here like you can see like where I am in the file or perhaps you can yeah yeah oh yeah oh here oh nice sick yeah I didn’t know what about that is right it’s so nice you’re selecting and you can you can jump around I think like you can even oh I can even like focus participants so that you can now I think you gotta focus requests so if I if I if I scroll around okay so I found me an idea so now I’m in a different pipe let me focus participants there now you yeah so no and does not scroll down missing any scrolling I amazing oh it’s such a remarkable product it’s the best product of 2019 I think 80 but it’s probably gonna be best prevent of 2019 I think we wrap this up with that if you ever wanted to learn machine learning computer science all that stuff but you don’t have any formal training you don’t want to go through formal training without brilliant rhetoric / DEP tips and that’s it oh those are like some of our favorite picks of 2018 but what are yours please share them in the comments below like what are amazing things that you as a web developer has found during this year this is a weekly show on web development comes out Fridays at 800 GMT except week 1 2019 then we have a vacation see you in the next video thank you so much for watching

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