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My Setup for Design, Web Development, Video Editing and more 💻 👍

hey i hope you’re doing well today i want you to pause this video get your coffee get your tea water juice whatever you want to drink i have mine here ready very hot today i want to show you my setup i want to show you my computer what i use the apps that i use on a daily basis i was the other day chatting with the dev tips discord server members awesome community we were sharing photos about setups discussing about it so if you want to share yours join the devtips discord server and share your setup we can talk about it let’s chat all right so what i want to do is share a little bit of my computer then i’m going to share the apps that i use and at the end of the video i’m going to share more in detail about my vs code because vs code is the app that i use every day to code and create my website web apps so i want you to just learn a little bit about it and what i do and what i use my name is jay and this is dev tips i have two 27 inches samsung monitors i love the look they are five years old and they still work like new my microphone is a blue yeti as you can hear the sound quality is very good my computer is a 2018 mac mini here you can see some of the specs my mouse and keyboard are apple i love the modern look the color and it feels so good my webcam is a logitech brio hd it looks amazing for such a small webcam this is my setup this is what i use every day for coding video editing photo editing and a lot more now i want to show you the inside of my computer the apps that i use every day so here my apps the ones that i use on a daily basis let’s go through them adobe xd i use it for interface design for example designing websites web apps mobile apps and you can even prototype to have a better understanding of the user experience i use adobe illustrator for logos icons svg or any vector graphic i use a photoshop for to optimize photos for web creating graphics for advertising and editing any kind of photo screenflow i use it for record and edit my videos discord to communicate with my friends the awesome death tips community and other communities around the world and the last one is vs code vs code i use it all day every day my computer is always turned on it’s on sleep mode i go there to the morning vs code is already open every day so what i want to show you first is emmett amet is something that will help to code very fast it’s already integrated into vs code so i’m going to show you something quick so let’s say dot container if you hit tab you will create a div with a class of container take a look there you go div class of container all right i’m going to remove that let’s do something more complicated so let’s do the same i want to div with the class of container inside that div with the class of container i want a list sort and then inside that unordered list i want li how many allies by three and if you notice here they are showing us kind of a preview of of what are we creating so we have a different class container ul l-i-l-i-l-i perfect that’s exactly what i want so we can keep going we can do so inside each li we want a link with a class of i don’t know button and you can see it actually start generating that preview and same thing if you hit tab boom you have it right there and ready to go so that’s emmet and that’s kind of the basics there’s a lot to do if you learn it there is a lot that great things that you can do with it all right so i’m going to click code preferences extensions and let’s see what we have so eslint first is it helps me to prevent errors on javascript so every time i’m coding javascript if there is an error something um weird that i did it’s gonna show me um an error and i can fix it before i save it or publish it i have liquid liquid is more for shopify so if you’re a shopify developer or wanna code for shopify this is gonna help you the highlighting live sas compiler livesas compiler is just i create a sas file and i want to compile that to css that way i can use it there is a very easy way to do it here i’m going to show you live server you know it launched that a local server on your computer for that specific project prettier it helps you to make sure that your code your css html looks good all right i’m going to show you that too and then the sas highlighter just making sure that sas looks good so let’s close this let’s make sure that we can test prettier first so i don’t know let’s mess this up a little bit so let’s say we have this here we have h2 right here all these here all right what else we can do so i know that sometimes you have something like this for example or maybe not like this not that horrible but um let’s say that you want to make sure it looks good when you save it prettier helps so i’m going to save the file take a look save boom looks beautiful and prettier is doing that for you now the cool thing is that you can create your own rules so if you don’t want that to happen in that specific pattern or whatever you can create rules that you know please don’t do that i don’t want to fix it like that you know so you is not tied to those rules you just you can modify and create your own rules okay just letting you know all right eslint let’s go to the javascript file all right so i don’t know if you can notice i’m sure you can but here you can see this squiggly lines so this is because there is something wrong so for example a hover is gonna say is saying unexpected var use let and const instead and there is the name of the rule now this is something that i like i personally like because i don’t i do not use var i use constant length so there’s a rule that i added that says every time i use var please let me know that i can’t just replace it by let or const all right so let’s go ahead we can just replace it by const all right that’s gone good all right console log console.log i use it a lot so it says uninspect the console.log statement and the rule now this is something that i want to use so i want to make sure that i can so you have a couple options you can click here quick fix disable now no console for this line disabled for the entire file so i’m going to disable for this line only i’m going to click there and there you go it adds a comment to just disable that for this line so we can use console.log no problem but you can create your own rule and add it to the global file and that’s it it’s never gonna tell you let you know that hey don’t use console.log okay if that’s what you want let’s remove that for example there you go please insert this okay now the good thing is i’m going to remove this i’m going to use var here again and you have these errors i’m going to save it and look at that it actually fixed that for you so let’s say i’ve used a var i save it it fixed i don’t even notice that it was a var so let’s go ahead and do i don’t know this test close to zero let’s see what it’s going to tell me the identifier test has already been declared so that’s a good one because maybe you have this already at the top of your code you don’t see it but it’s going to let you know hey this is i will declare so eslint it helps a lot it’s really good if you code javascript alright let’s go to the sas so i have here a folder with a style styles style sas file and let’s go to a little bit so let’s do container let’s say header and then inside the header we have an h1 and the h1 is going to be font size 3em for example so i’m going to save that nothing’s going to happen um the browser doesn’t understand sas so you have to compile sas to css and i don’t know if you notice there is a button here that says watch sass so i’m going to make sure i’m inside that folder with sas i’m going to click what sass and here you go i don’t know if you notice but it created a style css i’m going to click there you go container header h1 fonts i3m perfect that’s what i did you have the map and you have your sass and now each time because you is watching right there it says washing i can say let’s say um color say black i’m gonna save it remember it’s watching so i’m gonna go back to the css right here there you go now we have the color perfect so that’s how it is that’s how it works sometimes i creating a basic landing page or a basic website simple um i just use sas because i like it i click the watch sas that’s it it compiles i’m good to go then when you’re done you click the watching button and you’re done cool all right so the go live button here is the one that creates the um local server so i’m going to click there and there you go you have here the port and everything we have the um the website working in our local server i’m going to close that if you want to stop just click it disposing and you’re good to go and that’s it for my setup i hope you learned something new i’m going to put links in the description if you want to install those extensions and how they use and how to use it you can go there and learn a little bit more about it again my name is jay and this is dev [Music] tips [Music]

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