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What got you into programming?

what was it that got you into

programming I was thinking woke up me

into programming and what is programming

really what do I use programming for

you’re watching dev tips and I’m David

okay we’re back in the yoga studio space

spring is coming to Stockholm and so our

allergies in the mid-90s I was 12 or so

for some reason I don’t know why my dad

brought home a modem I don’t know why he

brought that home but I’m thankful to

him that he did this was just before the

internet had taken off and become really

mainstream at this time you still used

BBS’s bulletin board systems so it was

this kind of server you connected to and

there was one client per one phone line

so these BBS’s they had really really

cool graphics I thought they had an C

graphics so even though this was when

Windows was around I really enjoyed the

like style of the an C graphics it was

like a ski but with color I wanted to

make my own graphic I wanted to make my

own BBS this this is what got me into

programming and I wanted to show off my

graphics that I had done offline I was

using a program called the draw some of

you might remember it and I think this

deeper urge of showing off is human even

though people are grown-ups they’re

still like children trying to show off

for their mom mom hey look at this thing

I can do so I don’t know it just seems

like it’s very human to want to show off

your creative work so my first

programming this I think this was my

first programming was actually

configuring a bulletin board system I

wanted to have a BBS to show off my

graphics to other people to the world

think it was only one I only had one

user apart for myself and it was my

friend it was like down the street

because the BBS has used phone lines and

my parents didn’t want me to sort of

like hog up the phone line I can sort of

understand that so setting up the BBS

didn’t actually involve any

it was a lot of configuration though but

what is programming really so I wasn’t

coding I was configuring but isn’t that

how all programming sort of starts you

take something and you adapt it just

sort of hack it perhaps you had a

wordpress blog and then you started

adding plugins and then you wanted to

modify the plugins because they weren’t

that great so you went into the editor

and then you’re sort of like edited just

a line of code to perhaps have it shown

red instead of blue or something like

that that’s when you go from the first

step they’re configuring like adding the

WordPress plug-in to the next step of

programming which is sort of the coding

when you start to edit actual code I

think this is programming to me you

modified technology to create your

vision I wanted the world or my friend

down Street to see my antsy art and to

create that I had to set up this VBS I

used a tool called remote access it

doesn’t have to be code to be

programming in my opinion many things

are done through configuration services

so if you’re setting up like Microsoft

Internet Information server what is it

called IIS most of that is done through

a configuration UI whereas if you were

to set up Apache or nginx perhaps you

were writing sort of configuration files

they sort of more like look like code

but it’s sort of the same concept you’re

modifying the technology to create your

vision I think this is sort of like the

programming mindset so as soon as you’re

starting to make things that have I

don’t know a decision tree if this then

do that but if that then do this that is

programming to me and it doesn’t matter

if you’re using configuration a

configuration is just like a like a

high-level programming language is

higher than JavaScript and JavaScript is

perhaps higher than C++ and C++ is a

higher level than assembly which is

higher than like the binary registers

down in the CPU people put programming

and programmers on a pedestal and it’s

not that much different from what most

people are doing whether sort of

adapting things we shouldn’t make

programming feel

flex and hard and of course it can be

hard and difficult but I don’t want to

intimidate people from starting to

program if people just realize that

editing excel is programming excel is

like a functional programming language

you’re like having a function which is

then returning results for another

function which is returning results to a

different function

they are programming when they’re using

Excel not by writing macros but when

they’re just using the average seller

stuff just equals something plus

something I think people think program

is too hard it’s not that hard and

programming is everywhere what do I use

programming for today after the BBS’s

I got online on the internet and then I

saw a website so I wanted to make HTML

I’d learnt to CSS and also there was

there was something called flash at that

time do you remember that a Macromedia

flash which had a programming language

called ActionScript which is sort of

like JavaScript and then when I started

working you started as a front-end

developer and then I had you back in

stuff like Visual Basic 6 it was and

then I found sequel SQL standard query

language with meit which was like a

language to query things from databases

so even though my last job title was

analyst not developer not programmer nor

coder I was programming every day to

solve problems I was trying to get data

out I was trying to analyze data I was

trying to track data everything involves

some sort of programming I say

programming as a mindset on how to reach

your vision how to solve your problem

today the programming mindset is very

useful because most of the things around

us is sort of like based on software in

some way and that’s when you really need

programming and the programming mindset

that was it for today but I’m sort of

curious what are you using programming

for today and what got you into

programming what was your BBS what was

your first thing that got you into

actually using programming to solve the

problem or reach your mission thanks for

watching this non coding programming

episode of dev tips I’m David and I’m

really looking forward to hear from your

journey into programming see you in the

next episode bye



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