James May and Richard Hammond Give Crashed Mitsubishi EVO From ‘A Scandi Flick’ A Postmortem

As you may have seen in the latest ‘A Scandi Flick’ special of ‘The Grand Tour’, James May had a pretty serious crash behind the wheel of a Mitsubishi Lancer EVO VIII. Now, in a new DriveTribe video, he and co-host Richard Hammond take a closer look at the accident.

May trademarked the severity of the accident, saying that despite being taken to hospital after the crash, it was only a precaution. Although the car took quite a hit, he was only “a little stiff” after the crash.

When asked what was going through his mind, he says, “I just thought I was going to hit the wall, so I shouldn’t hit the cameraman. I even thought I shouldn’t hit Jeremy Clarkson, which is a weird thing to think about.

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He says he quickly realized he had overcooked it as he walked into the corner and also thought, “Bollocks.” However, he claims that the accident shows his superiority as a test driver.

“Let’s be honest, I did a more thorough check than you did,” May claims. “The whole point of rally cars being used in rallying is that they crash all the time. And they’re out in the field, so it’s bush mechanics, and they get knocked back into shape with rubber mallets and crowbars, and then they go on. And I proved that EVO can take that kind of punishment and keep going. You didn’t and you didn’t [Jeremy Clarkson]so you didn’t do a thorough check.

It is not clear how convincing the argument is even for him, as he admits that he feels very bad about damaging the car. Missing doors and a significant portion of the front fascia, the duct tape suggests it’s also likely to lose a front wing and the side skirts hang lower than they should. When asked how badly damaged it is, May replies, “Well…it’s still going on.” However, he admits that the car is technically “written off”.

The video also covers many other interesting tidbits about the filming of the special, as well as Hammond’s affection for the car he drove during it, the Subaru WRX STI. Watch it all below.

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