Scotty Kilmer ranks Honda, Toyota and other Asian brands

For the uninitiated, Scotty Kilmer is a huge YouTuber who is an experienced auto mechanic by trade.

In this video, giant US vlogger Scotty Kilmer ranks Asian car brands from worst to best. Scotty is an accomplished auto mechanic who has worked on cars for decades. He has more than 5.2. millions of subscribers on YouTube. He has seen the evolution of the brands he talks about in this video. This forms the basis of his analysis of some of the largest car manufacturers in Asia. So let’s dive into it.

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US vlogger Scotty Kilmer ranks Asian car brands

8. Suzuki

Scotty puts Suzuki in last position. He confirms that the Japanese automaker has always focused on affordability and fuel economy over reliability and quality. Consequently, many Suzuki car owners with blown engines and various other problems have turned to him. He feels that Suzuki cars are not great for highway driving but are good for city use (barely).

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7. Nissan

Scotty recognizes Nissan’s rich history and heritage. Nissan produced some great rally cars and decent cars with amazing performance. However, the quality of the brand has declined drastically over time, which is why he ranked it 7th. Note that he includes the Infiniti brand manufactured by Nissan.

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6. Mitsubishi

After working as a mechanic all his life, he remembers many Mitsubishi car owners coming to him with broken piston rings. As a result, the machines would break down all the time and smoke would accumulate. They needed to attend workshops frequently. Scotty also says that for some reason they keep doing it now. He also says that Mitsubishi is part of a Japanese corporation and vehicles are a small part of their business.

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5. Subaru

Subaru was one of the main companies that revolutionized the production of all-wheel drive cars for almost all segments. To achieve high performance from them, Subaru used Boxer engines. As a result, they had problems with blown head gaskets and automatic transmissions. He considers the smaller engine with a manual transmission much better.

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4. Hyundai/Kia

Scotty includes Hyundai, Kia and Genesis under one roof as they are all sub-brands of the Hyundai Motor Group. Scotty remembers when Kia and Hyundai cars weren’t so great. However, he is quick to admit that they have improved significantly over the past decade. Also, they offer cars in the same price segment as other Asian manufacturers. If you want a 100,000-mile (1,60,000 km) car, Hyundai, Genesis and Kia are great, he says.

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3. Mazda

Scotty mentions that the quality of Mazda products has grown significantly over the years. They had some tie-ups with Toyota and their SkyActive engines are pretty amazing. They used to have engine problems, but now they make perfectly good cars.

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2. Honda

According to Scott, Honda is the best Asian automaker after Toyota. Honda started with two-cylinder cars that used a motorcycle engine, and over the years it has steadily improved. He mentions that Honda makes great small and flashy cars, but not larger SUVs. If you want a reliable and enthusiastic small car, Honda is the company to go to.

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1. Toyota

It’s no wonder the world’s largest automaker is also at the top of Scotty’s list. In fact, the reliability of Toyota cars is a well-known phenomenon in the world. People pay insane amounts of money even for used Toyota cars because they know the engines and components can be trusted. it’s the reason people are able to drive Toyotas for millions of miles. What are your thoughts on this list of the worst and best Asian car brands by US vlogger Scotty Kilmer?

Scotty Kilmer ranks Honda, Toyota and other Asian brands

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